Dry Skin

Can often feel tight and appear rough or dull. Is normally the result of a lack of oil in the skin. Pores are almost invisible in dry skin.


SKNhydrating serum

An intense treatment for additional hydration and anti-ageing support. A light cream concentrated serum based on a high hydration profile of ingredients that delivers immediate moisture to saturate and refresh dehydrated skin. The serum also compliments the rejuvenation process.

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SKNmasque hydrate

Creamy, moisture-replenishing masque for dry skin infused with fig extract for strong hydration

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SKNprotect SPF 30

SKNprotect SPF30 is a sun protection cream  that offers provides a certified high broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and anti-ageing benefits. Raspberry extracts aids in healing after sunburn and reduces scar formation. SKNprotect is a non-whitening formula and is suitable for all skin types. Does not contain Octyl Methoxycinnamate.

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Removes all residue impurities and prepares the skin for treatment with kiwi extract, while balancing the pH of the skin.

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SKNmoist supreme

An ultra-rich moisturiser designed to combat dry skin infused with fig extract, ideal for to reduce signs of premature aging.

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SKNgentle cleanse cream

SKNgentle cleanse cream is a gentle, pH balanced, soap-free, creamy cleanser that cleanses without disrupting the skin's moisture barrier. Hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling conditioned and nourished.

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